Metabolism and Weight Loss Summit Interview

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I hope you enjoy my recent Metabolism and Weight Loss Summit Interview with Katherine Watkins where we discussed the best way to eat if you have a thyroid problem and how to improve your metabolism. Katherine was a pleasure to talk to and we had a great time covering a lot of useful information so you can start burning fat right away and improve your thyroid function.


Here is an outline of the topics covered during the metabolism and weight loss summit interview:

  • The importance of blood sugar balance – how do we best achieve this?
  • The goitrogen myth – do we need to be scared of goitrogens if we have a thyroid disorder?
  • The importance of the acid/alkaline balance – what is the optimal level of alkalinity for our thyroid and what foods should be eaten to achieve this?
  • How much protein should we eat?
  • Leptin resistance and its effect on thyroid hormone.
  • How does caloric restriction or fasting affect thyroid output? How much is the minimum calorie intake to prevent this?
  • Moving away from caloric restriction, when we are eating a hyper caloric diet how does that affect thyroid function? Does eating more calories spike our metabolism independent of carbohydrate intake?
  • What are the key points to remember when we are deciding how many carbohydrates to eat?
  • What are the minimum necessary carbohydrates required to prevent T3 from dropping or increasing RT3?
  • We discussed different body types and how they relate to thyroid function and weight loss – ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.
  • My views on ketosis.
  • Do you think we should be eating gluten-free if we have a thyroid disorder?
  • What about cross-reactivity? Dairy?
  • Is meal frequency relevant – or just total number of calories and/or carbohydrates?
  • Your favorite supplements for the thyroid.
  • Zinc (zinc challenge, how to supplement).
  • Adrenal adaptogens.
  • Food allergy testing – how necessary is it to avoid food allergens in the thyroid healing process and is there any good way to test?
  • Infections and the thyroid – how about staying away from certain foods that feed infections – e.g. sugar and candida?
  • Do you recommend that your clients with Hashimoto’s or other autoimmune diseases go on an autoimmune paleo protocol?
  • What are your views on iodine – some experts say to stay away form iodine totally if you have Hashimotos. Is it ok to supplement with iodine or eat iodine rich foods like kelp if we have Hashimoto’s?

"I followed Dr. Hedberg's advice to the letter and guess what, three weeks after implementing his plan 95% of my symptoms are gone and I am feeling well again!!”

by - Robin