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I never thought I could feel ‘normal’ again, but I did – thanks to Dr. Hedberg!”

– Gloria in North Carolina

“I never thought I could feel ‘normal’ again, but I did – thanks to Dr. Hedberg!” – Gloria

Connecting the Dots
to Get You Back to Health

Dr. Hedberg practices Functional Medicine which looks at all the systems of the body as being connected without isolating a single organ or body system.

It is truly an individualized approach to healing that takes into account your unique life experience and circumstances.

Meet Dr. Hedberg

Dr. Hedberg has dedicated his entire professional career to helping patients with Hashimoto’s Disease, hypothyroidism, gut and immune disorders.

His patients like to say that his strongest asset is his ability to listen.

A lifelong learner, Dr. Hedberg believes that in order to truly help patients get well, he must stay on the cutting-edge.

Dr. Hedberg wants to hear your story, to help you figure out why you’re not feeling well, and how to restore your health.

Success Stories

Dr. Hedberg is amazing to work with! So thorough and understanding, he has helped me get my MS, Candidasis, and SIBO under control. I feel so much better just four months in and keep noticing improvements as we go. Highly recommended!”

– E.J.

After too many years of not obtaining any progress with other doctors, Dr. Hedberg has not only helped me move forward in a truly healthy manner, he has also helped me significantly by ruling out issues that others told me was causing the problem without the appropriate testing. Dr. Hedberg’s passion and concern to help me heal made all the difference in the world.”