Do You Need the MTHFR Test?


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What is the MTHFR test?

The MTHFR test or methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase test has become extremely popular due to a number of alternative medicine practitioners promoting it as the source of many chronic illnesses.  But is it something you should worry about?

This test is basically looking for two types of genetic mutations known as C677T and A1298C that affect the MTHFR enzyme involved in folate metabolism in your body.

Proper MTHFR enzyme function ensures that homocysteine is properly metabolized to the amino acid methionine which then makes SAMe. SAMe is known as the “universal methyl donor” which is extremely important for serotonin, melatonin and your DNA.

Folate is a B-vitamin and is important because it is at the heart of metabolism and the production of all your cells. Without it, nothing really works well so our list of symptoms and health problems would be extensive. Read more

How to Prevent Kidney Stones

how to prevent kidney stones

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It is said that men can never understand the extreme amount of pain a woman suffers while giving birth but it is also said that if a man has ever passed a kidney stone he can relate.  As someone who has passed kidney stone I could not possibly imagine pain more severe than what I experienced.

One of the most common techniques of drug addicts is to fake a kidney stone in the emergency room because they know that medicine views this as the most painful experience a human being can encounter so highly addictive opioid pain meds are usually dispensed to reduce pain.

I battled a kidney stone after eating large amounts of kale and probably too many raw nuts over a 3-month period which I’ll get into later as to why this set me up for the torture I never expected. Let’s begin discussing how to prevent kidney stones naturally. Read more

Health Benefits of Zinc

Health Benefits of Zinc

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We all have favorites and my favorite mineral may very well be the mighty Zinc. Sometimes I go back and forth between magnesium and zinc but I always tend to lean towards “Heavy-Z”.
It is estimated that zinc is involved in 300 enzymatic reactions in the body most of which involve the immune system and repair of body tissues. In order to simply burn fat, carbohydrates and metabolize protein you need healthy zinc levels. Zinc is important for chemical detoxification, growth, development, immune function and sexual function. Healing cannot take place without adequate zinc. Having problems with brain function such as memory and learning? Well zinc is involved in every enzymatic reaction in the brain. Zinc is found in it’s highest concentrations in the ear and the eye so any problems with vision or hearing can be a zinc deficiency. Read more