Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Mercury Toxicity

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Greetings friends, I am Dr. Nik Hedberg, and today’s Hashimoto’s tip of the day is about thyroiditis and mercury toxicity. So mercury is a really interesting topic not just with auto immune disease and Hashimoto’s but just in health in general. But the connection between mercury and Hashimoto’s runs very deep, and one study out of the Czech Republic actually looked at mercury containing dental amalgams and their connection with Hashimoto’s.

Could it be a Mercury Sensitivity?

So the first thing they did is they tested the patients for what we would call a mercury sensitivity. A more general term would be like a mercury allergy, but basically the body’s immune system is being over-reactive to mercury. And then they took the mercury containing amalgams out of the patients who had a mercury sensitivity and also had Hashimoto’s. And they actually found that their antibody levels significantly dropped.
The other really important thing to understand about the study is that the patients who did not test for a mercury hypersensitivity, and they had their amalgams taken out, this did not change their antibody levels at all. So there had to be some type of immune system reaction to the mercury for it to actually benefit the patient.

One of the easiest ways to sort of cause auto immunity in, say, animal models is they basically inject them with mercury. And if you inject them with enough mercury, those start to develop auto immune disease. So there is a connection there. But before you have your amalgams taken out, you want to get what’s called a MELISA test for mercury sensitivity. If that’s positive, then that’s a good indicator that you should have the amalgams taken out, and that will improve your antibody levels.

So the other thing to know, we talked about selenium supplementation before. Selenium really helps to prevent the negative effects of mercury in the thyroid gland. That’s just kind of a bonus tip.

So that’s our Hashimoto’s tip of the day, and we will see you next time. Take care.

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