Heal Your Gut with IgY Max

IgY Max is a new compound designed to improve gut function with some decent research behind it which I’ll cover in this article. Thousands of studies are coming out every month on the gut microbiome and millions of people worldwide are suffering with gut issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBD), and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). We need all the tools we can get when it comes to gut health so I was excited to see the research on IgY Max and the introduction of GI Globulin Select by Moss Nutrition which contains IgY Max.

Many people have gut problems because they have dysbiosis which basically means that the bacteria in the gut are out of balance. This means that there are too many harmful bacteria and not enough beneficial bacteria. IgY Max actually targets 26 of these bad bugs and helps your body suppress their growth.

Heal Your Gut with IgY Max

What is IgY Max?

It is a compound made from specifically immunized chicken eggs. IgY is in the immunoglobulin family which basically means a protein that is important for immune function. Our bodies have the immunoglobulins IgG, IgA, IgE, IgM, and IgD all of which have important immune properties and functions.

IgG makes up the bulk of the human immunoglobulin system which is used in products like colostrum or specific IgG products all designed for gut healing and immune health. IgY however has some advantages over IgG:

  • IgY is 3 to 5 times stronger than IgG due to increased efficiency of the immune response
  • IgY does not stimulate inflammation
  • IgY has a more rapid and specific local response such as targeting specific bacteria
  • Eggs have 20 times more immunoglobulins than IgG so it is more economical

IgY Max does the following:

  • Heals the gut lining making it ideal for leaky gut
  • Ensures the right bugs stick to the gut lining and the wrong ones don’t stick
  • Reduces harmful bacteria
  • Supports overall immune system health
  • Helps the body fight infections
  • Reduces inflammation

The gut barrier protection that this compound provides supports any probiotics or prebiotics that you may be taking. The “bad” bacteria are inhibited from multiplying and sticking to your gut lining so the good bacteria can remain intact.

What does the research show on IgY Max?

The first is a pilot study done by the company itself which can be a bad thing but not necessarily if the study is well done. Six subjects with mild to moderate gut complaints were given two 500mg capsules twice a day of IgY Max for 8 weeks and had gut assessments of zonulin, histamine, Diamine oxidase (DAO) for gut integrity at the beginning and the end of the study.

Zonulin is a decent test for gut barrier integrity, histamine is a good marker for inflammation and gut barrier integrity, and DAO is the enzyme that breaks down histamine so low levels are connected with chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

Three of the six subjects did a comprehensive digestive stool analysis to assess their gut bacteria as well as testing yeast.

What were the results?

None of the subjects had any adverse reactions to the supplement. The subjects did report improvements such less gas and bloating as well as feeling more energy at 8 weeks. Zonulin improved, DAO improved, and histamine improved in all six subjects. There was also an improvement in beneficial flora in all 3 subjects as noted on the repeat stool analysis. Lactobacillus was the specific strain in the gut that improved.

Another clinical trial to mention is an unpublished study by Rehnini Ambekar, MD entitled, “Effect of a nutritious drink fortified with immune egg in improving the weight and enhancing the well-being of subjects.” In this study 14 patients with AIDS were given a drink that contained IgY egg powder for 8 weeks. Most of the patients reported significant improvements in all aspects of quality of life including energy levels, mood, and physical health.

Dr. Ambekar reported that symptoms related to IBS and IBD improved such as significant decreases in diarrhea.

And a third clinical trial published in 2004 by Morningstar in JCM entitled, “Hyperimmune egg powder for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome: A case series” showed some promising results on two patients with IBS.

The first patient had IBS with alternating constipation and diarrhea for four years and was put on a hyperimmune egg powder with IgY for 31 days at a dose of 4.5 grams/day. The patient was instructed not to make any dietary changes to remove that as a variable. She was instructed to keep a detailed journal of her bowel habits during the 31 days.

At the end of the trial she reported complete elimination of her diarrhea and constipation within just 2 days of taking the hyperimmune egg powder. By the eighth day her gut pain and discomfort had completely resolved. Her stool became more solid and much larger in volume. She was able to eat all of the foods that normally caused her gut symptoms such as high FODMAP foods like garlic and onions without any issues during the trial.

The second patient also had IBS for four years but characterized by diarrhea. This patient did notice some improvement in her bowel movements while taking the hyperimmune egg powder.

Dr. Hedberg’s Comments

The small sample size of only six patients in the first study and only three of them receiving a stool analysis isn’t much to go on but these results are promising. When you develop dysbiosis you become more inflamed and your gut barrier breaks down leading to more histamine. This can result in symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, pain, diarrhea, constipation, autoimmune diseases and mood disorders like depression and anxiety. This product appears to directly address the integrity of the gut barrier as well as lowering histamine and improving zonulin and DAO.

If in fact these results can be obtained in a study with more subjects in a randomized, placebo controlled trial then we could have a lot more confidence in this compound. On the other hand, those of us in the trenches need all the help we can get with our complex patients presenting with major gut issues, autoimmune disease, mood disorders and many more conditions that are related to gut integrity.

Hyperimmune egg powder has been around for quite some time actually going back to the year 2000 covered in the paper, “Hyperimmune eggs capture natural immune support” published in the journal Alternative and Complementary Therapies.

It was also studied in treating osteoarthritis pain in the paper, “Administration to arthritis patients of a dietary supplement containing immune eggs: An open-lable pilot study” in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 1998.

This product was also analyzed for cholesterol modulating effects in the paper, “Pilot study on the effect of hyperimmune egg protein on elevated cholesterol levels and cardiovascular risk factors” in the Journal of Medicinal Food in 1999 as well as in the paper, “Effect of immune egg on serum cholesterol in rabbits on atherogenic diets.”

Additional studies on gut health were done including the papers, “Inhibition of diarrhea by immune egg: A castor oil mouse model” and “Chicken egg antibodies for prophylaxis and therapy of infectious intestinal diseases, Immunization and antibody determination.”

Additional studies on this technology include:

Kovacs-Nolan J and Mine Y. Egg Yolk Antibodies for Passive Immunity. Annu Rev Food Sci Technol. 2012; 3:163-187.3.

Sandra Müller, et al. IgY antibodies in human nutrition for disease prevention. Nutr J. 2015; 14: 109.4. Sarker SA, et al. Randomized, placebo-controlled, clinical trial of hyperimmunized chicken egg yolk immunoglobulin in children with rotavirus diarrhea. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr. 2001 Jan;32(1):19-25.5.

Miles, Laura. Effects of Hyperimmune Eggs on HSCRP Levels: Results of a private clinical trial. (Unpublished study.)

A proper clinical trial could be years away so we have to try it and see if it helps with the most complex patients. None of the subjects in the above trials had any side effects. And I was involved in the trial batch of GI Globulin Select by Moss Nutrition with a handful of patients and none of them had any side effects from the product.

All of the patients I tried the trial batch on had major improvements in just 4 weeks of taking it. In fact, one gentleman who had severe constipation his entire life reported the constipation was completely resolved while taking the GI Globulin Select.

With no reported side effects and only positive results in this small trial and during the trial batch of the product, I’ve decided to begin using it with patients who are suffering from gut disorders.

What if you’re allergic to eggs?

The answer to this question is unknown at this time. If you have a true egg allergy such as an IgE-mediated allergic response then I would stay away from this product. However, if you simply have a “sensitivity” or “intolerance” to eggs then you may be ok. The benefits of taking the product may actually reduce issues with eggs due it’s positive influence on the gut barrier, microbiota, and immune system. And if you’re struggling with a gut problem then a product like this may provide significant relief.

Where can you get IgY Max?

GI Globulin Select by Moss Nutrition contains 4.5 grams of IgY Max per scoop which is more than double the 2 grams used in the above study on six subjects. One scoop a day should be effective for most individuals but I may use 2 scoops on my difficult cases. This product should be blended in cold water or with ice or sprinkled on cold food. Hot food or hot liquids will diminish it’s effectiveness.

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