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Functional Medicine Research Podcast with Dr. Nikolas Hedberg

Welcome to the Functional Medicine Research Podcast with Dr. Nikolas Hedberg!

Functional Medicine Research is a podcast series of my best interviews, teleconferences and all of my original solo productions.  This podcast covers a variety of topics including thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, weight loss, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, hormone imbalances, digestive health and much more.

Functional Medicine Research is featured on iTunes with regular updates so please watch out for new content on a regular basis.

All of the shows are listed in order below starting with the newest episode to the oldest episode.  The links will take you to a description of the podcast as well as download options, subscription options, sharing options and sometimes a transcript is available.  I also include links in the descriptions to any important resources that are mentioned in the show.

Functional Medicine Research with Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, DC
Functional Medicine Research with Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, DC
Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, DC - Functional Medicine Researcher

Functional Medicine Research with Dr. Nikolas Hedberg, DC covers cutting-edge research with practical health information that you can actually use in your life to understand your body and get healthy. Dr. Hedberg covers Functional Medicine, thyroid disorders, gut health, autoimmune disease, nutrition and much more. If you're tired of long-winded podcasts without useful information that actually works then this show is definitely for you.

iTunes Reviews

“Great Show. Relevant. Accessible.” 
by HealthMinded

“The information is clearly explained. The best health information on iTunes. I will keep listening and look forward to more podcasts as they are available!”

by Margaret Winders

“It’s amazing to me that a doctor actually takes time to give people such valuable information. Doctors DO NOT have time to do that in their offices and that can leave us with a large sense of frustration and despair. Thank you, Dr. Hedberg! Thank you for taking the time! If we are more educated about our body and mind we will definitely move to a better and more peaceful world!”

“Priceless info!” 
by Dr. Susie G, DPT

“The Dr. Hedberg show is jam-packed with priceless information. The episodes are a perfect length, to the point and easy to follow. His podcast makes learning about the body easy and applicable. One of the best healthcare related podcasts out there. Highly recommend subscribing!

Here is a list of all the shows:

Episode #129 ==> How to Follow a Low Histamine Diet

Episode #128 ==> Can Birth Control Pills Cause Hypothyroidism?

Episode #127 ==> How to Beat Autoimmune Disease with Palmer Kippola

Episode #126 ==> How to Increase Stomach Acid Naturally

Episode #125 ==> Oxalates and Thyroid Health with Sally Norton

Episode #124 ==> Dr. Theodore Belfor on Cranial Facial Development

Episode #123 ==> COVID-19 Mental Health Crises with Dr. Ron Parks

Episode #122 ==> GI-MAP Stool Test Interpretation with Dr. Tom Fabian

Episode #121 ==> Sacred Cow with Robb Wolf

Episode #120 ==> Limbic System Retraining with Ashok Gupta

Episode #119 ==> Male Sexual Performance with Dr. Deb Matthew

Episode #118 ==> How to Heal Your Oral Microbiome

Episode #117 ==> How to Overcome Mold and Biotoxin Illness

Episode #116 ==> Can the Paleo Diet Cause Iodine Deficiency?

Episode #115 ==> Heal Your Gut with GI Meal Select

Episode #113 ==> Does Adrenal Fatigue Exist?

Episode #112 ==> How to Overcome Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Episode #110 ==> How to Choose the Best Diet for Gut Health

Episode #109 ==> 5 Quarantine Ideas to Get Healthy and Better Yourself

Episode #108 ==> Can COVID-19 Trigger Hashimoto’s Disease?

Episode #107 ==> What is the Best Diet for Your Gut Microbiome?

Episode #106 ==> How to Overcome Trauma with EMDR

Episode #105 ==> Is Genetic Testing like MTHFR and other SNPs Helpful or Harmful?

Episode #104 ==> The 5 Best Adrenal Adaptogens for Fatigue and Stress

Episode #103 ==> Leaky Gut and Hashimoto’s Disease

Episode #102 ==> Hashimoto’s Disease Improves by Eradicating Blastocystis Hominis Parasite

Episode #101 ==> How to Overcome Anxiety and IBS with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Episode #100 ==> Human Herpesvirus 6 and Hashimoto’s disease

Episode #98 ==> The Best Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Episode #97 ==> Iodine and Hashimoto’s Disease

Episode #96 ==> The Bi-Phasic SIBO Diet with Dr. Nirala Jacobi

Episode #95 ==> Overcoming PTSD with Dr. Robert Hedaya

Episode #94 ==> Overcoming PANDAS with Dr. Scott Antoine

Episode #93 ==> The Methylation Diet with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald

Episode #92 ==> Mast Cell Activation Syndrome with Dr. Bruce Hoffman

Episode #91 ==> How to Improve Digestion Naturally

Episode #90 ==> What is the Best Fiber Supplement?

Episode #89 ==> How Inflammation Causes Hypothyroidism

Episode #88 ==> How to Boost Your Immune System

Episode #87 ==> The Best Protein Supplement for Muscle Growth

Episode #86 ==> Heal Your Gut with IgY Max

Episode #85 ==> How Your Gut Microbiota Affects Your Thyroid

Episode #84 ==> Ashwagandha, Hashimoto’s Disease and Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Episode #83 ==> Autoimmune Paleo Diet and Hashimoto’s Disease

Episode #82 ==> The Hashimoto’s Disease and SIBO Connection

Episode #81 ==> The Truth About Plant-Based Diets and Meat with Diana Rodgers

Episode #80 ==> Can Blastocystis Hominis Cause Hashimoto’s Disease?

Episode #79 ==> Healing Hashimoto’s Disease with Andrea Nakayama

Episode #78 ==> The Truth About Fluoride with Melissa Gallico

Episode #76 ==> Hashimoto’s Food Pharmacology with Dr. Izabella Wentz

Episode #75 ==> How to Heal Multiple Sclerosis with Dr. Terry Wahls

Episode #74 ==> How to Overcome Fibromyalgia with Dr. David Brady

Episode #73 ==> Should You Avoid Dairy if You Have Hashimoto’s Disease?

Episode #72 ==> Healing Adverse Childhood Experiences with Niki Gratrix

Episode #71 ==> Ferritin and Hypothyroidism

Episode #70 ==> The Iodine Crisis with Lynne Farrow

Episode #69 ==> Inositol, Selenium, Hashimoto’s disease, and hypothyroidism

Episode #68 ==> Chris Kresser Interview on Unconventional Medicine

Episode #67==> Hormone Balancing and Testing with Dr. Carrie Jones

Episode #66 ==> The Health Benefits of Yoga with Sara Lewis

Episode #65 ==> Could cordyceps help heal Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease?

Episode #63 ==> Can Genistein Help Heal Hashimoto’s Disease?

Episode #61 ==> Does vitamin D supplementation help heal Hashimoto’s disease?

Episode #60 ==> Do Food Intolerances Affect Hashimoto’s Disease?

Episode #59 ==> Can a Gluten-Free Diet Heal Hashimoto’s Disease?

Episode #57 ==> How to Heal Adverse Childhood Experiences

Episode #56 ==> Hashimoto’s Disease and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Episode #55 ==> Healing Trauma and Finding Joy with Dr. Shannon South

Episode #54 ==> Can Stress Override a Healthy Diet?

Episode #53 ==> Dr. Michael Ruscio Interview on Gut Health

Episode #52 ==> Black Cumin Seed Oil and Hashimoto’s Disease Part 2

Episode #51 ==> Hashimoto’s Disease:  The Infection Connection

Episode #50 ==> Black Cumin Seed Oil and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Episode #49 ==> Aloe vera and Hashimoto’s Disease

Episode #48 ==> Does the Ketogenic Diet Cause Hypothyroidism?

Episode #47 ==> Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Selenium Supplementation

Episode #46 ==> Does a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Help Hashimoto’s Disease?

Episode #45 ==> What are Optimal Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Antibody Levels?

Episode #44 ==> What is the best SIBO test?  I answer this question with Aerodiagnostics Laboratory founder Gary Stapleton.

Episode #43 ==> Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and the RDW Test.  This simple test can be a key factor in Hashimoto’s disease.

Episode #42 ==> Dr. David Brady interview about the new GI-MAP stool test from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory.  Detailed discussion of autoimmune disease, stool testing, the gut microbiota and much more.

Episode #41 ==> What is the best way to test hormones?  DUTCH test founder Mark Newman interview answers everything you’ve ever wanted to know about hormone testing.

Episode #40 ==> Rachel Hill of The Invisible Hypothyroidism interview about Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism.

Episode #39 ==> The Gut-Brain Axis with Dr. Jeff Moss

Episode #38 ==> Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You?  My advice may surprise you!

Episode #37 ==> How Meditation Changed My Life and How it can help you.

Episode #35 ==> Does the Autoimmune Paleo Diet Work?

Episode #34 ==> Are GMOs Bad For You?

Episode #33 ==> Hepatitis C Virus and Hashimoto’s Disease

Episode #32 ==> Dr. Izabella Wentz Interview.  We discussed many practical solutions you can use right away to start healing your Hashimoto’s disease.

Episode #30 ==> Epstein-Barr Virus and Hashimoto’s Disease:  This is the most common infection I see in Hashimoto’s disease.

Episode #29 ==> Helicobacter pylori and Hashimoto’s Disease:  Another common infection connection to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Episode #28 ==> Yersinia enterocolitica and Hashimoto’s Disease:  Learn about this common infection connected to Hashimoto’s.

Episode #27 ==> Stacey Robbins interview about living with Hashimoto’s Disease

Episode #26 ==> Hypothyroid Mom founder Dana Trentini Interview

Episode #25 ==> The Best Thyroid Supplements

Episode #24 ==> How to Overcome Insomnia

Episode #22 ==> The Best Thyroid Diet

Episode #21 ==> Thyroid Hormone Basics – Everything You Need to Know About How the Thyroid Works

Episode #20 ==> The Gut-Thyroid Connection

Episode #19 ==> Ferritin and Hypothyroidism – Is Iron Your Problem?

Episode #18 ==> The Thyroid-Adrenal-Pancreas Axis

Episode #17 ==> The Truth About Gluten and Hashimoto’s Disease

Episode #16 ==> Adrenal Fatigue:  Everything You Need to Know

Episode #15 ==> Thyroid Symptoms in Women

Episode #14 ==> Understanding Hypothyroid Symptoms

Episode #13 ==> Should you worry about MTHFR and get tested?

Episode #12 ==> Three Things You Can Do For Anxiety With Michael Diettrich-Chastain

Episode #11 ==> Is Facebook Making You Sick?

Episode #10 ==> Health Benefits of Zinc

Episode #9 ==> Sardines are Back!  The Health Benefits of Sardines

Episode #7 ==> Health Benefits of Curcumin

Episode #6 ==> How to Heal Osteoporosis and Prevent Bone Loss

Episode #5 ==> How to Beat Depression Naturally

Episode #4 ==> What Causes Hypothyroidism?

Episode #2 ==> The Ketogenic Diet

Episode #1 ==> The Low FODMAP Diet.  Listen to Dr. Hedberg talk about this highly effective diet for irritable bowel syndrome and digestive system problems.

Listen to all of my interviews below:

How to Heal Your Thyroid with Diet – Paleo Valley Interview

Monolaurin Interview with Dr. Jeff Moss

Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease Thyroid Nation Interview

Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism Radio Interview

Epstein-Barr Virus and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Disease:  The Infection Connection

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves’ Disease Podcast

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