Dr. Hedberg understands that chronic diseases have an underlying cause that has gone undiagnosed. Once you find out why you are sick, health restoration can begin naturally.

How Can Our Services Help You?

Our goal is to address your health concerns with the highest level of detail and individualized attention, because we understand that every person is unique. Dr. Hedberg will do the necessary detective work to find the underlying causes of your health concerns and guide you back to optimal health.

HashimotoDiseaseDr. Hedberg’s goal with every patient is to help create a healing response in your body that includes:

  • More energy
  • A better mood
  • Weight loss if necessary
  • Deep & restful sleep
  • A Healthy digestive system
  • Sharp and clear brain function
  • Balanced hormones including thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones
  • A balanced immune system if you have an autoimmune disease
  • Healthy skin, hair & nails
  • Freedom from pain

Dr. Hedberg understands that it can be stressful not knowing what is causing your symptoms and what the best healing options are for you. Dr. Hedberg will thoroughly investigate exactly what your body needs so you don’t have to guess anymore.

All patients receive the highest level of attention, support and these additional features:

  • Direct messaging with Dr. Hedberg about your healing plan in between appointments. Dr. Hedberg makes himself accessible to you if you have questions.
  • Exclusive access to Dr. Hedberg’s Inner Circle web page filled with educational videos, eBooks, podcasts and handouts to help you get well.
  • Customized healing plan based on your unique health history and laboratory tests.
  • Cutting-edge laboratory tests to find out the underlying causes of your health concerns.
  • Dr. Hedberg will spend time with you explaining all of your lab tests and what they mean to your health. Tests don’t guess!
  • Personalized nutrition with our easy-to-use nutrition software and app.
  • Free access to all of Dr. Hedberg’s online courses!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our practice. We look forward to helping you get well!


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Dr. Hedberg uses a variety of cutting-edge laboratories to find the underlying causes of your health problems. Only the best labs are hand-picked by Dr. Hedberg.

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