Dr. Lindsey Berkson Interview

Dr. Lindsey Berkson Interview

In this episode of The Dr. Hedberg Show, I interview Dr. Lindsey Berkson in an in-depth discussion about hormones, brain health, gut health, Hashimoto’s disease, post-birth control syndrome and much more.

Dr. Berkson had breast cancer 24 years ago and has made remission her mission. Dr. Berkson now specializes in working with breast cancer survivors to do the same; addressing food, herbs, hormone balancing and sometime protective replacement as well as nutraceuticals. Dr. Berkson formulated Metagenic’s female hormone protective nutrient line. Dr. Berkson is considered a thought leader in functional medicine and now teaches MDs, Nurse Practitioners, pharmacists and other health care professionals continuing education courses. Dr. Berkson has authored 21 books, hosts the Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio, writes the Berkson Blog (see it at DrLindseyBerkson.com) and is a research fellow with Health Sciences Collegium. Dr. Berkson has published original research with the University of Houston Medical School and Nathan Bryan PdD, the world’s authority on nitrous oxide.  Dr. Berkson was a scholar at an estrogen think tank at Tulane University and worked with the scientists that discovered estrogen receptor functionality and endocrine disruption.

Dr. Berkson is a best-selling author; Healthy Digestion the Natural Way (Wiley 2000) was the first gut, nutrition, mind book.

Her newest book SEXY BRAIN explains environmental castration and how to test, detox and protect your hormones and brain.

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