Is Genetic Testing Helpful or Harmful

Is Genetic Testing Helpful or Harmful?

In this episode of Functional Medicine Research, I interview Dr. Tommy Wood on the question of whether commercial genetic testing for SNPs is helpful or harmful.  This is a topic I have wanted to cover in detail for a long time so when I read Dr. Wood’s paper and listened to him speak, I knew his expertise would be invaluable to this conversation.  It is important that practitioners and patients know the truth about the current state of genetic testing and whether or not it is scientifically valid or invalid.
Dr. Wood has done the necessary research to outline all of the reasons why genetic testing is not a valuable tool in practice and he presents compelling data that it can be more harmful than helpful.  As stated in the interview, this is an area that I have never bought into because the science simply doesn’t support genetic testing or interventions to address SNPs in clincial practice.  I think you’ll find this interiew invaluable to your understanding of genetic testing.
If you have any published papers to refute any of this information, myself and Dr. Wood would love to read these papers.

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