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Health Benefits of Sardines

One of my all-time favorite healthy foods is definitely sardines.  This was certainly an acquired taste and I had to learn the hard way that some brands are absolutely disgusting and others taste great.  The picture above shows the three brands of sardines I eat the most.

Why are sardines so great?

Sardines are nutritional powerhouses containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, high-quality protein, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B5, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, choline, CoQ10, zinc and iron. They’re really stacked to the gills!

Sardines are also extremely low in mercury so you don’t have to worry about toxic metals like from other types of fish.

Sardines are perfect if you are following a ketogenic diet, paleo diet, low carb diet, modified vegetarian diet or just want to add a lot of nutrition to your diet.  If you are following a ketogenic diet then go for the sardines packed in olive oil for extra fat.

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Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet Benefits

When I was bodybuilding in the 1990’s, we used to use the ketogenic diet to burn off that extra bit of stubborn fat.  We would only do it for about 3-4 days however and would then cycle the diet for 2-3 weeks maximum.

The ketogenic diet works well to burn fat while preserving muscle mass which is extremely important when you are dieting because lean muscle mass is vital for good health.

What is ketosis?

The ketogenic diet converts the body into a fat-burning metabolism known as ketosis which basically means that your body is producing energy from ketones rather than glucose.  Ketones are made from fat and your body has no problem running on ketones instead of glucose.

Ketosis is not to be confused with the serious condition known as diabetic ketoacidosis which occurs in type 1 diabetes and is a life-threatening condition.  Sometimes nurses and doctors confuse these two which are completely separate physiological states.

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