Healing Trauma and Finding Joy with Dr. Shannon South

Healing Trauma and Finding Joy with Dr. Shannon South

In this episode of The Dr. Hedberg Show, I interviewed Dr. Shannon South to discuss healing trauma and finding joy in our lives.   Dr. Shannon D. South, aka the “Joy Doctor”, is an award-winning therapist, an Amazon best-selling author, and a professional speaker. As an expert in the field of spirituality and healing trauma for over 20 years, she knows how to assist people in finding wholeness and joy naturally. In 1994, during graduate school, Shannon had a spiritual experience during meditation that healed her debilitating anxiety and depression permanently. Since this transformative experience, she has helped thousands of clients connect to their most loving and joy-filled selves. Shannon also leads workshops and retreats for counselors, chaplains and coaches on how to integrate Spirit and Soul into their practice. Her most upcoming book, Ignite! Turn off the Chaos and Turn on the Joy is a roadmap to this unique, healing process. Shannon loves dancing, being in nature, teaching spiritual psychology and enjoying the beautiful mountains of NC where she resides with her family and friends. She can be found at www.whatsyourjoyiq.com or www.drshannonsouth.com

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Meditation for Anxiety and Depression

Depression and Anxiety

Meditation for anxiety and depression is something I highly recommend for everyone suffering from these symptoms.  Sometimes some of the most powerful tools to improve your health are built right into your own body and are absolutely free.  Most of you are probably in a state of information overload with your mind racing at night, feeling stressed, out of control and you just can’t seem to calm down your mind to a state of happiness, clarity, and well-being.  I’ve been meditating almost every day for the last 14 years with many benefits.

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reduce anxiety and depression, sleep better, manage stress, eliminate pain, and get clear on what you love to do on a daily basis.  And it doesn’t require any fancy or expensive tools to learn how. Read more