The Best Protein Supplement for Muscle Growth

The Best Protein Supplement for Muscle Growth

I’m excited to announce the new release of a protein supplement that I’ve been waiting for for a long time. When I first started practicing functional medicine 15 years ago, most patients could easily tolerate whey protein which was the best quality protein powder at that time. As the years went by more and more patients were reporting sensitivity to whey so I had to try and use alternate solutions like rice, hemp, and pea protein.

But after a few years of using these alternate protein sources I started to get more and more reports of sensitivities to these forms of protein just as I had with whey. All of my colleagues practicing functional medicine were confirming the same issues with protein powders leaving us with little to nothing to choose from.

This brings us to today and the excitement around the new AminoMeal Select by Moss Nutrition which isn’t based on any foods for it’s protein content but rather being a purely amino acid based formula. I’ll get into the specifics of this product shortly but first let’s answer a few questions about why a product like this is necessary.

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