How to Overcome Insomnia


Approximately 90 million Americans now suffer from some type of sleep disturbance.  Rejuvenating sleep is an extremely important and fundamental part of feeling great and healthy. Unfortunately, too many of us are plagued with insomnia and miss out on sleep’s wonderful healing properties.  You’ll become more inflamed and more insulin resistant simply by getting 6 hours of sleep or less.  Your immune system will also suffer significantly if you don’t get enough sleep making you more prone to colds and the flu.  This article will explain what you can do (and what you should avoid) to naturally cure insomnia at home. Read more

How to Overcome Insomnia Naturally


This is a webinar I did about how to overcome insomnia naturally.

If you want additional information on how to beat insomnia you can read my detailed article here.

Okay, well, welcome, everyone. This is Dr. Nik Hedberg, and tonight we’re talking about sleep disorders. And this one of my favorite topics, just because it’s something that I encounter a lot in practice. Many, many people have issues with sleep, many chronically people. And it’s really one of those fundamental things that it’s just very difficult to help someone get healthy when they’re not getting a good night’s sleep. Read more