Does Vitamin D Supplementation Help Heal Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto's Disease

Is There a Connection Between Vitamin D and Hashimoto’s Disease?  Does Vitamin D Supplementation Help Heal Hashimoto’s Disease?

Vitamin D has long been established in literature as a highly essential nutrient with benefit to the musculoskeletal system and bone density. It also functions in the body as an immunomodulator, facilitating normal immune system function and improving resistance against certain diseases.

Given this background, one has to wonder if a deficiency in vitamin D would be prevalent among individuals with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and if so, would supplementation with vitamin D help patients manage the disease or perhaps even prevent it?

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Boost Your Immune System

Adrenal Fatigue

Would you like to boost your immune system and stay healthy this cold & flu season? Read on to find out what simple diet and supplement strategies you can follow to beat these viruses in their tracks.

Your immune system is constantly protecting you from invading organisms at a level of complexity most of us cannot comprehend. Modern medicine focuses mainly on the invading organisms as the source of disease without an appreciation for the beauty of your immune system’s ability to protect you from harm. Two people can be exposed to the same organism but only one person may actually manifest symptoms. Why would one person get sick but not the other?

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Does the Autoimmune Paleo Diet Work?

Autoimmune Disease

The autoimmune paleo diet (AIP) also known as the autoimmune protocol diet is an extremely popular diet these days for autoimmune disease but there has never been any studies done to evaluate if it actually works.  Although testimonials should be taken into account, and there are many all over the internet,  the ultimate test for validity is a clinical trial.

As of August 29th, 2017, we now have a study that looked at this diet and how effective it was for autoimmune disease.  The paper is entitled, “Efficacy of the Autoimmune Protocol Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Disease.”  Dr. Konijeti is the lead author and it was published in the journal Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

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Epstein-Barr Virus and Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune Disease

In this interview I discuss the connection between Epstein-Barr Virus and Autoimmune Disease

You can listen to the interview above or read the transcript below:

Dr. Brady:  Dr. Hedberg lectures all over the place, a lot of integrative medicine conferences. He’s published in many journals. He teaches advanced functional medicine courses with Functional Medicine Town, professional co-op and as adjunct faculty with Hawthorn University. Dr. Hedberg has found that many chronic diseases are a result of stealth infections and that’s what we’re going to focus on tonight. Basically, he’s also formed a website and a community known as “The Infection Connection” and I’ll have him tell you a little bit more about that later in the call. You can learn more at

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Autoimmune Disease: The Infection Connection

Autoimmune Disease

In this interview I discuss the connection between infections and autoimmune disease which I call the Infection Connection.

That being said, let’s get on with it. Let me introduce our speaker for tonight. Dr. Nikolas Hedberg is a good friend of mine. I’ve known Nik for, I think somewhere around 10 years now, we both went to one of the same schools in our careers, not at the same time, but we, I guess, met at a, I think, an internal disorder conference in New Orleans, I think was the first time about 10 years ago. I’ve followed Nik’s work and his career and he’s done some outstanding work. Nik is a board certified Chiropractic Internist by the American Board of Chiropractic Internists, he received his bachelor training in Exercise Science from the University of Florida, received his Doctor of Chiropractic from the Texas Chiropractic College in Houston. He currently practices in Asheville, North Carolina and focuses on Lyme disease, thyroid disorders and autoimmune disease. He’s the author of the book “The Complete Thyroid Health and Diet Guide“, which is a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders. He lectures at a lot of integrated medicine conferences, and he’s published in a lot of journals. He teaches Functional Medicine concepts through many forms including Functional Medicine Town, Professional Co-op, and with Hawthorn University. His particular interests lately is the role of stealth infections in chronic disease and in that effort to get this message out, he’s created a program called “The Infection Connection” and does some online training in these concepts, and he’ll tell you more about that as the night goes on. Little known to everyone in the professional world but known to me, Nik is an accomplished opera singer actually, so you’ll hear that when you hear him talk, you can hear that come through in his voice. Anyway, Nik thank you for being on. I know you’ve been on Clinical Rounds before and thanks for coming back and being a guest again.

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