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Hashimoto’s Success Story

Hypothyroidism, Hair Loss, and Gut Imbalances

I have worked with Dr. Hedberg to address a number of concerns over the past ten years. I love his truly wholistic approach to health care, rather than that of conventional medicine, merely oriented to symptom relief at the expense of additional side effects from toxic medications.

Dr. Hedberg has been a true God-send to me. He has helped address a range of concerns from Lyme Disease, to unstable thyroid, to severe/scary/humiliating hair loss. I find him and his staff to be professional, caring, personable, knowledgeable, and thorough. I cannot describe to you the pure joy and profound relief I experienced when my hair began to grow back! Or when I no longer had to worry about Lyme symptoms. Or the hope I have of my thyroid finally stabilizing after all these years. I do recommend him to all of my friends and am happy to have the opportunity to recommend him here.


Epstein-Barr Virus, Fatigue, Chronic Pain

After a lifetime of fatigue, over a decade of chronic pain, and a conglomerate of other health issues, I was growing weary of spending time and energy searching for answers only to continue making progress ever so slowly. It was heartbreaking to feel like my kids were continuing to grow, and I was missing out on their childhood and time together with my husband as I battled to make it through each day. Although I was grateful any time a new piece of the puzzle was discovered, it was a very costly and inefficient process that left me having to continually research on my own in hopes of finding true healing. It was in that research, after discovering my body was dealing with the Epstein Barr virus and having no success with the recommended treatment, that I discovered Dr. Hedberg online and reached out for help.

The thorough patient intake forms were enough to tell me that I was finally working with someone who would take the details of my crazy health puzzle and start piecing them together, and my experience has been just that. Dr. Hedberg has not only taken a detailed look at every aspect of my health, but has also directly addressed my concerns which had been overlooked by reputable doctors in the past. I’ve started making substantial progress, so much so that my entire family works with him now and is reaping the benefits. It’s such a relief knowing after each appointment that I can immediately start implementing his recommendations, because Dr. Hedberg does his research and can be trusted to dig deep to get to the root cause of health issues. For the first time that I can remember in my life, I can go through my days without fatigue. My family and I are able to live our dream of traveling the globe together, keeping up with appointments by phone along the way, when just two years ago it was a struggle to leave our driveway. I’m so grateful for the help of Dr. Hedberg and look forward to continued progress and success in achieving my best health.

Hashimoto’s, high blood pressure, fatigue, and pain success story

I’ve been a patient of the Immune Restoration Center since 2017, and what Dr. Hedburg offers cannot be quantified. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Subacute Thyroiditis and Hashimoto’s disease. By 2015, I was battling stubborn weight gain, elevated cholesterol and debilitating fatigue. Finally, in 2017, enter Dr. Hedberg along with his boundless knowledge and patience! Dr. Hedburg designed an innovative plan just for me to address the dreaded symptoms of my hypothyroidism, and I’m excited to report that I have enough energy to last through the day and into the evening! The Dr. Hedberg plan has revolutionized the way I eat, which supplements I take, and how it’s okay to care about the quality of my life. This doctor is such a motivator when it comes to making changes, especially the changes that I feel reluctant about. I’ve learned that even if I make changes in baby steps, eventually they add up to improved health. Dr. Hedberg, you are an answer to prayer, because I would not have been able to figure out all this on my own!

Another remarkable thing about Dr. Hedberg is that he’s able to treat several conditions simultaneously, which is unheard of in today’s medical landscape. Before Hashimoto’s came along, I was already battling chronic myo-facial pain from oral-maxillofacial injuries, as well as hypertension. Dr. Hedberg has relentlessly focused on ameliorating all of these conditions, and now I’ve been able to drop one of my blood pressure medicines, plus my cholesterol numbers have improved. I’ve replaced all the NSAIDs I used to take each day for pain, with healthy supplements designed to bring healing! For a 56-year-old, this is promising report!

I’m so, so grateful that I found Dr. Hedberg’s website, and that I called for help. He is the functional medicine sensei able take your health to the next level and beyond! I know that I’m beginning a whole new life where each small change I make in favor of my health equals continued healing for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Hedberg!


Hashimoto’s Success Story

When I started looking for a functional medicine practitioner my requirement was to find a doctor who would understand the Hashimoto’s disease in detail and someone with an extensive knowledge of both conventional and alternative treatments. I wanted to have a doctor that knows it all. After I read all the detailed articles and videos published by Dr. Hedberg I had no doubt that he was the one. I scheduled my first appointment and immediately started my healing journey.

Throughout detailed lab work Dr. Hedberg was able to pinpoint specific issues and provided me with a customized individualized treatment plan. The plan included detailed and easy to follow instructions. What is great about Dr. Hedberg is that he puts lots of emphasis on how well the patient feels, not just how good the blood work numbers look like. In other words Dr. Hedberg does not treat the numbers, he treats the patient.

Dr. Hedberg is highly knowledgeable and understands very well how to read the blood work test results. During each interview Dr. Hedberg explains all the lab work results in detail and answers any questions that come up. Every interview allows me to learn more about my body and it is like an educational session. Dr. Hedberg knows how to use the supplements properly to achieve the best result and never prescribes any unnecessary supplements therefore saving the patients money. If there is a new supplement or treatment Dr. Hedberg already knows it and it is all backed up by his extensive research.

Dr. Hedberg’s practice is very well organized. He is always on time and he is always available to answer any questions regarding the treatment. If you need a functional medicine practitioner that understands the research and knows how to specifically apply it to your individual health problems Dr. Hedberg is the perfect fit. Throughout the detailed lab work Dr. Hedberg will scrutinize your body to discover any possible issues so you can get better as quickly as possible. I have been working with Dr.Hedberg for over 3 years and so far my Hashimoto’s is under control nevertheless the fact I don’t take any thyroid medication.

~ Bartosz

Fatigue, Autoimmunity, Allergies

My experience with Dr. Hedberg began as a result of challenges I was having with regards to allergies, fatigue, and autoimmunity. At 41, I had lived through decades of struggles with my health. Although never severe to the point that these ailments threatened my life, my challenges were both mentally and physically exhausting. After decades of bouncing from different types of doctors (all seemingly suggesting different solutions with little to no definitive results), I landed upon a Youtube video Dr. Hedberg had created. As much as the information included in the video, it was the tone and honesty that he spoke with during this video that drew me in.

From my experience, Dr. Hedberg is not the sort of person who treats his patients gutturally or dogmatically. He applies proven approaches once testing confirms the course. Continued testing and patient response chart the course moving forward.

The improvements I experienced were transformative. Dramatic improvements took place within three months of treatment. I continue to work with Dr. Hedberg both to manage my improved status and continue to better my understanding of wellness.


Hashimoto’s Success Story

Haven’t had this much energy in decades! I was always healthy and thin, with a normal amount of energy – until I turned 50! Everything changed – and over the next few years it just got worse. I didn’t have any major illness, but I became lethargic and overweight, and my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis was out of control. I tried to exercise, but hated every minute of it. Our family grew until we had 20 grandchildren – but I didn’t have the energy to do the things with them that I wanted to.

I tried all the “natural” options, but nothing seemed to work – I needed to be more healthy to take care of my husband and aging parents, but just getting up was difficult. And it horrified me that every time I got on the scales I had gained another pound or two.

After reading Dr. Hedberg’s book, I decided it was time to get serious and make an appointment. Within a couple of weeks, Dr. Hedberg developed a no-nonsense plan to treat my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, help me to lose a chunk of weight, and have more energy along with a faster metabolism. His nutritionist spent time with me, explaining my food sensitivities and helping me to eliminate the inflammation that was literally rampant in my body.

That was about four months ago – and I’m happy to say that my goals have been reached. My Hashimoto’s is controlled, I’ve lost most of the weight, and I haven’t had this much energy for decades! And (wonder of wonders,) I am finally enjoying exercise!

I have to say that I appreciate so much being able to communicate with Dr Hedberg and his nutritionist during this process. It helps to know that my health matters to them, and that they are committed to doing all they can to help me.

I’m so grateful for Dr. Nikolas Hedberg for helping me regain my health and strength – I’ll be 60 next year, and I haven’t felt this good since my 30’s. Thanks, Dr. Hedberg!


Hashimoto’s Disease and Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. Hedberg has been instrumental in alleviating some of the symptoms that my autoimmune diseases were causing. We reduced my thyroid antibodies and my cholesterol, increased my overall energy, and improved some digestive issues caused by gluten and dairy. But, most of all, Dr. Hedberg has allowed me to have hope and believe that I could and would get better. He’s an excellent, knowledgeable, and thorough health professional and his staff is equally amazing. I am extremely grateful for the help and support I have received from Dr. Hedberg!


Hashimoto’s Success Story

I am very grateful for Dr. Hedberg. What I really like about Dr. Hedberg are that he knew exactly what tests to perform, how to interpret the results, explains it to you in a language that you can understand, and provides guidance on what to do. He is also very thorough, detailed, and patient.

He is very instrumental in getting me where I am today with my health. I highly recommend that you work with him to get your life back. I am in control of Hashimoto’s and not the other way around. I plan to continue to get even better and better. Life is good.


Hashimoto’s, Fatigue, Pain, Weight Loss, Allergies, Asthma Success

At 212 pounds, I was at my wit’s end. I have seen endless doctors for weight gain/fatigue/thyroid/joint pain and asthma issues. Each doctor basically came back and said all levels looked fine and to cut calories and exercise harder. I was convinced there was a disorder causing all this but no one would listen. After much frustration, I was lucky enough to find Dr. Hedberg’s website. I was amazed to see all the information/ read many of blogs and ordered his book and was convinced he was the doctor who could help resolve these issues. I was very impressed once i called his assistant who wanted to review all previous test results. On the initial consultation, I knew I was in the right place. Dr Hedberg was very thorough and genuinely took time to listen to all of my health concerns. After listening to me and reviewing prior test results – he advised i was insulin resistant and body was full of inflammation. Again, all previous doctors missed these crucial diagnoses. Dr. Hedberg advised a new diet and a few simple supplement changes. I am pleased to say less than 3 months later – I have lost 20 pounds. My fatigue and joint pain symptoms are almost gone. Currently we are attacking allergy and asthma issues and I can already tell a difference. I am beyond pleased with the superb service I have received from Dr Hedberg and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a caring knowledgeable doctor.


Acne, Mood Swings, Hair Loss, Fatigue, Arthritis Pain Success Story

First, I want to emphasize the knowledge Dr. Hedberg possess on health. He not only understands the body more extensively than any other doctor I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot!), he also has the patience and skill to explain it all to his patient, answer questions, and listen. He is a wonderful doctor, all around, and I am so grateful I found him online and decided to try out my first “virtual doctor” experience with him!

For over a dozen years I’ve faced many symptoms; cystic acne, mood swings, hair loss, low energy, and more recently, arthritis pain, and chronic stress from my brother’s suicide and relationship breakup. I managed these symptoms by seeing MDs, dermatologists, holistic doctors, and therapists. I tried diet restrictions, a lot of supplements, prescriptions, massage, acupuncture, etc. without long term success. I believe my lack of success was due to missing the approach Dr. Hedberg took with me. He realizes each person is an individual. He listens to YOUR health journey and creates a custom protocol just for YOU that actually makes sense based on your test results, past physical symptoms and emotional/mental state. If you follow his protocol, as he recommends, you WILL see change. It only took about 1 month before my arthritis pain was gone and another month where I was no longer getting cystic break outs and my energy was great! I am amazed! It’s been 6 months since working with Dr. Hedberg and although I still feel I’d like to improve my health a bit more, I feel that I now have the knowledge and tools that I learned from Dr. Hedberg to be able to understand my body and mind and what I need from a holistic view point. His guidance and support has really changed my life for the better. I am so grateful for this parternship. Thank you, Dr. Hedberg. You truly are a gift!


Multiple Sclerosis, SIBO and Candida

Dr. Hedberg is amazing to work with! So thorough and understanding, he has helped me get my MS, Candidasis, and SIBO under control. I feel so much better just four months in and keep noticing improvements as we go. Highly recommended!


Hypothyroid Success Story

I have suffered with multiple health complaints for many years. I had seen multiple doctors and naturopaths and none of them got me to be feeling well. I am celiac/gluten intolerant and had been told that I had an auto-immune disease. Dr Hedberg looked at every aspect of my health in a systematic way, and found that I had several unresolved health issues that he brought to my attention. He then gave me instructions on how to work through each one. Usually his suggestions worked immediately or within a month, and when they didn’t, he gave me a second alternative treatment to address the problem. He kept working with me until I was well. I am finally able to say that I am in good health after suffering for a lot of years. I am 38 and in the best health of my adult life. I recommend Dr. Hedberg to anyone who feels unwell and can’t figure out why. He will give you all the advice and instructions on how to get well.


Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, fatigue, brain fog, difficulty losing weight

Dr. Hedberg is truly AMAZING! And this is why: First and foremost he is a dedicated, passionate, compassionate, and highly trained professional with proven critical diagnostic skills that produce results. His medical credentials are impeccable and he continues to study and stay current in his knowledge. He has a systematic, clear and easily understandable approach based on scientific testing that identifies the root causes of problems. He leaves no stone unturned. He is a good listener (maybe the MOST important skill) who makes each person feel cared for and important. I recommend Dr. Hedberg without reservation to anyone who values their health.


Nurse with Hashimoto’s and Digestive problems now symptom-free

I am so grateful to have found Dr. Hedberg! Thanks to him, I am feeling great.
But first, the backstory……I am a registered nurse and if you had told me a year ago that I would be seeing a functional medicine doctor, I would have laughed. I was trained in a teaching hospital where M.D.’s were worshiped. I never even considered the possibility of seeing a functional medicine doctor. After all, they didn’t go to medical school, what could they know? Well, I found out. The answer is, more than any of the many medical doctors I had seen previously.

Over the past ten years, I have seen endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, rheumatologists, neurologists, dermatologists and of course, my family practice doctor. Some tried to help, others were dismissive. Every test I had done came back “normal” and I was sent home without answers. Being a nurse, I knew that attempting to self-diagnose could be disastrous. But no one else had any answers, so I began scouring the internet. I came across a webinar Dr. Hedberg posted about gluten sensitivity. It was like he was talking about me and I knew I had to contact him.

That was 10 months ago, but it feels like a lifetime ago. I only wish I had done it sooner. I know that without him, I never would have found out what was wrong with me. He really took the time to listen and explain what was happening inside my body.

Again, a huge thank you Dr. Hedberg, for giving me my life back!


Hypothyroidism, blood sugar, chronic infection

After too many years of not obtaining any progress with other doctors, Dr. Hedberg has not only helped me move forward in a truly healthy manner, he has also helped me significantly by ruling out issues that others told me was causing the problem without the appropriate testing. Dr. Hedberg’s passion and concern to help me heal made all the difference in the world.


Thyroid, Weight loss, Acne, Low Sex-drive Success

I have been very pleased with the time Dr. Hedberg has spent working on my case and helping me feel better. He has been very informative and professional through the entire process. I am a teacher with young children and have been tired since I became a mother 10 years ago. I thought this was just “normal.” I also thought that acne, low sex-drive and difficulty losing weight were due to other factors in my life or genetics. I have had my thyroid monitored for the past 6 years since nodules were discovered on my thyroid. For each scan, more nodules would appear. I went to Endocrinologists – one told me there was nothing wrong with me and everything was, in-fact, bad genes. This conclusion was made within 5 minutes of meeting me! At another Endocrinologist, I was tested for the antibodies and it came back positive. I asked what I could do and I was told “nothing, until it gets worse, then we can put you on medicine.” This was not something I was interested in waiting around for. I Googled to find out more information and Dr. Hedberg’s book came up in my search. I read the book and couldn’t believe how closely my story aligned with the ones in his book. With no other options, I decided to contact Dr. Hedberg, which leads me to today – twenty pounds lighter, feeling good and better educated about my health and nutrition.


Digestive System Success Story

I live in the UK and when I suddenly lost energy, felt nauseous with stomach problems, finding myself existing only to go to work, my GP with the National Health Service ran some tests. They admitted that they could see something was wrong but told me to “take it easy” and my body would fight it. I’d already been “taking is easy” for 2 months and so I was desperate to have my life back. A nutritionist friend recommended I see a Functional Medicine Doctor and suggested Dr Hedberg as he can do Skype consultations. His testing showed an overgrowth of 2 different yeasts in my gut and he confirmed that no amount of “taking it easy” would have helped me. His treatment worked incredibly well and the yeasts were under control in good time. His tests also showed that one of the supplements I was on was pushing a hormone level way too high and so I stopped taking that immediately.

What I really appreciate with Dr. Hedberg’s style of treatment is that it’s practical and you don’t have to buy his magic medicine. Also no drug prescriptions, which I’m trying to get away from as our NHS here in the UK is all too happy to hand out pills for everything. Dr Hedberg simply told me what supplements I needed and then I would source them here in the UK.

At one point I thought I had a bladder problem as I kept waking up in the middle of the night but Dr Hedberg explained that it was my blood sugar levels dropping in the middle of the night and to eat a handful of nuts before I go to bed. That is such simple and practical advise that works wonders!

He’s like no other doctor I have ever been treated by and his view of the body as a whole is what works, not isolating each problem like traditional medicine. If you do live outside of the USA, don’t worry about the practicalities of being treated by Dr Hedberg as it was super easy for me to Fedex my test samples across the seas and they got there within 24 hours too!


Digestive system problems and allergies success story

I was having a terrible health crisis when I contacted Dr. Hedberg after consulting four other specialists who were unable to help me. For months, my doctors provided me with prescription drugs that suppressed my symptoms but did not deal with the cause of my digestive problems while my health continued to decline. By contrast, Dr. Hedberg’s approach to healing is based on science, thorough testing, data appraisal and high quality natural supplements as well as nutrition. He takes the time to get to know everything about you in order to consider all the factors that contribute to your illness. I am impressed with the depth of his knowledge of the immune system and the role nutrition and stress plays in our overall well-being. Within 2 weeks of starting his healing program of natural supplements, I had an amazing turnaround and was able to travel to attend and enjoy my son’s wedding. I am so grateful for his expertise and I have learned so much from him.


Take it from a Ph.D.! Hashimoto’s Success Story

For decades I sought help from the medical community for my health problems. A medical doctor with the well-known “M.D.” next to their name was always my prerequisite for booking an appointment. The bias was clear. Time after time there was disappointment and disbelief that there was no acknowledgement of my condition nor any solution. My preference was a natural one since both my husband and son bear the “M.D.” after their name. But it wasn’t proving to be advantageous to me. As my condition worsened, I scoured websites for any information that might help. The final straw came when I went to an “M.D.” for an evaluation of a goiter and nodules and showed him blood test results that were abnormal. I was dumbfounded that this M.D. thought the tests were normal. He was unaware of the current guideline for TSH levels suggested by the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists. Thankfully, my research led me to Dr. Hedberg. While medicine is a career path for both Dr. Hedberg and the “M.D.”, for Dr. Hedberg, a proclaimed “workaholic”, it’s a passion. His active involvement in the fields of internal medicine, nutrition and naturopathic medicine is an enormous benefit to anyone who entrusts their care to him. The bottom line is don’t let the “M.D.” bias cheat you out of the best medical care you can obtain. Dr. Hedberg’s credentials are exemplary!!!

~Elayne G., Ph.D.

This Testimonial Really Touched My Heart

First, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. You have been the catalyst for change in my life and trying to find the words to express my gratitude will never be adequate enough. I am so grateful that you have helped me finally find balance for my health, and I know the only thing I’m lacking is being more active, but I feel amazing!

This next part is so amazing! It’s hard to control my excitement and not be in awe of the journey my body has undertaken. I’m 13 weeks pregnant with a baby boy! His name is Eric Paul and he will make his debut this coming February! I had myself convinced that we couldn’t get pregnant without medical help, and look what we did! You helped to do that!

I’m so incredibly grateful for your knowledge and your patience with me! I’m already planning a major fitness plan for after the baby gets here and I’ve started taking yoga classes and walking. Ironically, I’ve lost 5 pounds since being pregnant! What you do is change lives one person at a time. You are an amazing doctor and a wonderful friend.

I am so blessed to have you and Kristen in our lives.


Registered Dietitian Achieves All Health Goals

I have had health problems for the past five years and have consulted with or been treated by eight other doctors who were unable to help me resolve my health problems before finding Dr. Hedberg. My first appointment with Dr. Hedberg was impressive. He spent over an hour with me, asking me many questions about my health history and listening carefully and taking note of my answers. Following this first appointment, I had a very comprehensive set of labs taken, at Dr. Hedberg’s request. At my second appointment with Dr. Hedberg, after studying my history and labs, he formulated a plan for me and answered all of my questions. I then followed Dr. Hedberg’s advice to the letter and guess what, three weeks after implementing his plan 95% of my symptoms are gone and I am feeling well again!! I do still have some work ahead of me to take-off the 40 pounds I put on as a result of my untreated illness, but I am so thankful to have my energy and life back. To say I am grateful would be an understatement!! I consider Dr. Hedberg to be a gifted functional medicine doctor and will recommend him to anyone I know who needs the help of an excellent physician.

Registered Dietitian and very happy patient of Dr. Hedberg’s

Digestive Health Success Story

I am very grateful that I found Dr. Nikolas Hedberg!!

After feeling really bad for years and talking to several doctors, who were not interested in helping me figure out what was wrong with me, I finally got the good sense to call Dr. Hedberg.

I put off calling Dr. Hedberg because even though we have good insurance, the insurance company does not cover going to doctors who take a natural approach to medicine, so I knew we would have to pay for everything out of pocket. But it has been definitely worth it.

I had a lot of digestive problems, I would get gas and bloating after every meal no matter what I ate. After trying so many different things like eating gluten free, eliminating dairy, trying a vegetarian diet, I realized I couldn’t fix it by myself. I finally called Dr. Hedberg and the first thing he did was order a stool test to figure out what the problem was, the test showed that I had a bacteria in my gut.

Dr. Hedberg gave me natural medicine that killed the bacteria and shortly after, I started having more energy and my digestive problems went away.

He has been making changes to my diet, exercise program and giving me supplements which have helped improve my quality of life.

My husband and I are both very happy I found him and I don’t plan on going anywhere else if I feel sick again, Dr Hedberg is and will be my doctor for life.

We love you Dr. Hedberg!!!


Hashimoto’s Success Story

Dr. Hedberg helped me get my health back in one year! My Hubby found him in a state of desperation for me online, Thank The Lord!! I had so many things working against me, and Dr. Hedberg identified each one, healed and eliminated them one by one. It was so wonderful to find a Dr. who spoke my Hashimotos/ Auto immune language and heal all my symptoms. I have my life back and it is AMAZING!!!


Professional. Knowledgeable. Compassionate. Dedicated. Intelligent. Ethical. With Integrity. Able to produce results.

This combination of qualities points to a phenomenal doctor that people far and wide should seek out.

“I never thought I could feel “normal” again but I did – thanks to Dr. Hedberg!”

I have suffered from serious illnesses since the age of twenty. For years and years, doctors would roll their eyes and call my list of complaints a “mystery”. After years of going undiagnosed, a number of physicians finally put names to my illnesses. I was told that they were irreversible conditions but manageable with pharmaceuticals. Hearing this, I knew there had to be another way. The pharmaceutical industry is not known to offer healing solutions but rather, a mitigation of symptoms while inviting other adverse health conditions to manifest. I learned from a friend of a friend that right in town, there was a Board Certified Chiropractic Internist who was capable of getting to the root cause of one’s illness and able to successfully treat conditions that conventionally have no cure. I sought him out and have to say that I consider myself ever so fortunate to have found Dr. Nikolas Hedberg. While other physicians and specialists have felt daunted by my list of illnesses, Dr. Hedberg approached my treatment with confidence, a vast knowledge base and commitment to tackling the health issues that had diminished my quality of life. He was thorough in studying my health history and left no condition unaddressed. I was beyond impressed with his ongoing dedication to research. I subscribe to an online edition of a medical news journal and was pleasantly surprised by Dr. Hedberg’s cutting-edge knowledge of numerous areas of medicine. In my particular case, I discovered that Dr. Hedberg’s vast learning and understanding of medicine preceded the actual publishing of several findings in the esoteric fields of rheumatology and immunology. Even more impressive was the fact that Dr. Hedberg’s recommendations for healing were practical and sound. Perhaps most important of all, Dr. Hedberg’s treatment program for me worked. A number of my conditions had caused me pain and extreme fatigue. However, by adhering to Dr. Hedberg’s recommendations, I experienced a significant decrease in pain and systemic inflammation and even felt an increase in energy and mental clarity. I never thought I could feel “normal” again but I did – thanks to Dr. Hedberg. Dr. Hedberg wastes neither your time nor money. He is serious about his role as a physician and comes through time and again with results. You would think that a doctor of his high caliber would be unapproachable and condescending. That was and is not the case at all with Dr. Hedberg. He cares about his patients. It is highly evident that he has committed his time, energy and life to healing and spreading hope to those who are resigned to an existence of pain, low energy and misery. Dr. Hedberg will not tell you something and then fail to deliver. That’s just not part of his professional style. I assure you that if you follow his recommendations, you will not be disappointed. More importantly, you can and will experience healing that you never thought would be possible. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Hedberg. He is indeed an amazing, phenomenal and exceptional physician as well as a truly wonderful person.


What is most outstanding to me is that he knows things that average doctors…don’t know.

I feel so blessed to have Dr. Hedberg as my doctor. We are systematically turning around all my health concerns. His educational background and commitment to ongoing education reflect his passion for helping people medically in the optimal way for their best overall health and well being. What is most outstanding to me is that he knows things that average doctors with more restricted education, don’t know. My confidence in his skill is demonstrated by my referral of people in Asheville, and also my friends from around the country, if their illness is in one of his specialty areas.


Immune System Success

Dr. Hedberg is my Hero. After twenty years of declining health and 20+ doctors telling me nothing was wrong, Dr. H not only listened to me with compassion but with his diagnostic expertise zeroed in on a multitude of immune dysfunction issues that were behind my prolonged illness. Following his recommended wholistic protocols, which were all in alignment with my recovery needs, chemical sensitivities and intolerance to main stream medicines, I began to rebuild my health and thus my life. I believe Dr. Hedberg helped me understand and rebuild my immune system in such a way that I will never feel disempowered again. Knowing. Dr. H is only a phone call or email away has given me such reassurance that now I can face and conquer any future health challenges that might come my way. He’s like a knight in shining armor. A true gentleman, a genius and a champion of women’s health. Huzzah! I love you Dr. Nik and Thank You.


So happy to have Dr. Hedberg on my team! He was able to balance and tip me back on to the side of good health! He is smart and explains things really well. His website is full of excellent information and his recommendations are easy to follow. Fortunate to have found Dr.Hedberg and his team. Glad I took a chance on doing this long distance. It has been a very positive experience.


“I have the highest regard for Dr. Hedberg as a Doctor and as a friend. His sense of integrity and compassion is exemplary and beyond expectations. My family has been seen by Dr. Hedberg for 5 years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his accuracy of diagnosis and willingness to find the answers by any means necessary. His understanding of Nutrition and his Holistic approach just makes sense. I would recommend Dr. Hedberg before I sent a friend to an MD.”


“I have the great fortune to have Dr. Hedberg as a doctor, colleague, and friend. He has been instrumental to improving my overall health and wellbeing. He is compassionate, thorough and a brilliant diagnostician.”


“Dr. Nik is a brilliant diagnostician. He helped me reduce the frequency of my headaches by correctly targeting my liver issues. If you’re tired of medicating the symptoms – get Dr. Nik to address the root problem. I highly recommend him.”


“Dr. Hedberg should be a national treasure. He is as big-hearted as he is brilliant. He gets to the underlying cause of health issues and speaks only the truth. He is 100% trustworthy. He is the perfect solution from the usual M.D. fare, and oh so much better than self-diagnosis and treatment.”


“This man saved my life.  His diagnosis & plan not only saved my life but it allowed me to live my life free from pain, worry, and anxiety that come with chronic health disorders. My whole world is better for having met this man.
Thank you Dr. Hedburg – thank you will all my heart.”


Dr. Hedberg goes above and beyond for his patients. He meticulously combs through research to provide you with the most up-to-date and effective treatment strategies. Dr. Hedberg doesn’t believe in a “one-size fits all” approach. He uses functional medicine the way it’s suppose to be used; in a way that is tailored to your unique needs. All the doctor’s I’ve seen have ordered unnecessary tests and blindly thrown medications and supplements at me. It’s like throwing spaghetti at a brick wall and seeing what sticks. Dr. Hedberg doesn’t do that. He takes the time and effort to analyze your entire health story before making any recommendations. If you’re looking to get your health and life back, don’t hesitate to consult with Dr. Hedberg. You’ll be glad you did!

– Dr. Susie Gronski, DPT, PRPC, WCS

*Regarding all testimonials listed above, your results may vary.

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